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Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

People suffering from attention hyperactivity disorder commonly referred to as ADHD can be grouped into two main types of behavioral issues. There are those who fall under impulsiveness and hyperactivity, and those who are inattentiveness group.

Although one might be suffering from ADHD, you do not fall under the two categories at the same time. You only fall under one category. You will find out that children and teenagers are prone to this kind of disorder most of the time.

Sometimes it is hard for one to discover ADHD in your children or teenager if you are not keen with their behavior. Most cases you find out that a lot of people have suffered from the disorder for a long time before it is discovered. Lack of care might cause more problems to the one suffering from the disorder and the people around them.

As a parent or someone who stays with children most of the time, you need to be keen with the behaviors of your child. It will be easy for you to know when a child or a teenager is suffering from ADHD disorder if you know the symptoms of the disorder. Once you detect this on a child, the best thing you can do is making sure you handle them with a lot of care.

You should show them love and make sure they do not feel discriminated from others. This way it will be easy for the child to live well and appreciate themselves. The following are some of the ADHD symptoms that people should know.

A child or teenager will always have a self-focused behavior. With such behavior, you will not be in a position of recognizing others and know that they have desires that should be met. This way, you might think that the person is selfish and cannot think about others all the time.

They are best when it comes to interrupting others. A child suffering from ADHD becomes more interrupting especially when it comes to a group of other pupils. They do this because they only think of themselves and do not consider other children. You will note this when you see them interrupting other children when they are playing their games. Because of this behavior, other children might hate them more and get into fights with them whenever they do this.

They do not have the patient of waiting for their turn to be served or to do anything. You will realize that this kind of children do not recognize that there are other people who need to be served also. They might not have the patience of waiting for their turn even when requested to do so. This might be the main reason why they do not get along with other pupils especially at school. You will note that they will all the time want to be the first when it comes to being served at anyplace and also get the first position when it comes to playing games.

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Resources – Getting Started & Next Steps