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Ways through Which Selling Your to a Real Estate Investor is Advantageous

Both realtors and real estate investors can help one sell their homes but majority of people rely on realtors because that is how they are sued to things being done. Realtors are professionals who know what they are doing when selling your home, but not all homeowners have had positive experience over the years. As a homeowner, you can be torn between using a real estate investor or a traditional realtor to sell your home if you are a first timer or experienced in selling properties. A first timer or experienced seller, consider selling your home to an investor to avoid the slow and complicated paperwork along with other advantages.

Unlike traditional realtors who will require you to cater for repair expenses if your home is run down before willing to list and promote your home, investor will have it in its condition. Investors will never ask a homeowner to foot for the bill or lift an hammer throughout the entire process because they will cater for the repair expenses. When your home is in foreclosure; you normally have a short window to in which you can sell your home to avoid foreclosure from being completed.

Even the best of traditional realtors can have a hard time selling properties in high crime areas or bad neighborhood but that is not an issue to investors. Investors normally don’t care the condition of the house or its location, as a home owner, don’t stress yourself by looking for a buyer through a realtor when an investor is all that you need. What an investor offers is what you will get and there are no worries about hang-ups or complicated processes, all in cash purchase makes things easy.

When you work with an investor, you don’t experience the stress of paperwork because they will buy directly from you and there are no third parties to satisfy. As a homeowner, you are not going to get all the money when dealing with a realtor because it will split between your agent and your buyer’s agent if they have one, the total amount you get being way less than the price of the home. When you deal with an investor, there are no commission fees to be paid because it is a direct transaction between you two.
Working with an investor means you don’t spend anything on closing costs which might include paperwork fee. Investors make offers that is always exactly what it looks and no reliable investor will come after you to get any of that money back. An investor can close on your in a week since there is no waiting involved once you have accepted an offer. Selling a home to an investor has several merits that one stand to enjoy as discussed above.

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