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We all make New Year’s Resolution, but we never make it past March. By March, most often the resolutions we have promised ourselves have gone out the window. As we fail, we just recycle the promised that we ought to fulfill only to make the same drill next year. With failure, we end up giving up and miss on the chance to become better persons. So, what’s wrong? For generations people tend to put pressure and stress on life to the point we give up. The thing is that we have doing resolutions wrong. It is perhaps better that we have realized the things that we have been doing are wrong. The answer to our woes is to look at what we need to do in order to optimize our lifestyle for the better. Permanent change can can only if we learn how to optimize our lifestyle.

The things that we learned from our parens and school are not enough. The key here is to start learning new things and doing away from the things we have learned before that have never worked for us in the first place. Before anything else, we need to understand our situation. Once you understand your situation you will be able to address the lifestyle changes and optimize them to the point you are able to hit your goals to become healthier, wealthier, and happier. A lot of us get into things not knowing what will happen. This is the reason why people fail. By knowing what you need to change, you are embarking on a journey to transformation. The transformation will lead you to a better life, a healthier body, and a happier disposition. We all wanted to become positive and be a key game changer. Change is the start of having an optimized lifestyle. Optimizing our lifestyles is just a step of many that will not just transform our lives, but also help improve our performance.

Our health is the first thing that improves when we optimize our lives. After all, most people think about their health when making New Year’s resolutions. For most people, they make resolutions that will drive them to stop smoking or to lose weight. These things have an effect on the health. As such, we tend to fail on these resolutions. We never realized that we have been doing things wrong. Many people try to transform themselves entirely, which is wrong. Getting fat never happened in an instant, perhaps it took some time to accumulate the added weight. It takes a lot of process to accumulate unwanted weight. That is why, when we want to get rid of things we need to realize there is a process too. It is huge lie to think we can undo things in a snap.

You learn a lot of lessons from your coach that your parents and school should have taught you. Alas, they too don’t know these lessons. With this you need to redefine what needs to be learned and learn it fast.

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