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A Guide to the Hottest Cities in the US

A diversity of climates is found in the states of the US. The mountains, deserts, coasts, etc. come with their own unique climate zone. There are lovely climates but others are really hot.

Here are the hottest cities in the US.

For almost half the year, Phoenix, Arizona has temperatures above 90 degrees. There is more to Phoenix than the hot weather because it is one of the most populated cities in the US. You will find many spectacular desert landscapes in Phoenix. If you visit Phoenix, go to Sedona or the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is where you go to cool off if you miss snow.

Las Vegas, Nevada, the Sin City, is the place for casinos, shopping, and more. The average high in this place is 104 degrees in the summer and more than half the year reaches temperatures of more than 90 degrees. The best parts of Vegas is the air conditioning and endless entertainment. Electric bills are high here. So, if you are planning to move to Vegas, check out this post to learn how to reduce your cooling costs.

Brownsville, Texas is situated in between the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. It has a semi-tropical climate with average temperature of 74 degrees nd 75 percent humidity which means all year round, it is warm and humid. Summertime proves to be hotter and more humid.

There are 115 days of over 90 degrees per year and an average hummer high of 97 degrees in San Antonio, Texas. While here, treat yourself with a bit of history at the Alamo. Shops and restaurants along the Riverwalk are a great place to stay as well.

Austin, Texas, the capital city is also a very hot city. It is located right at the center of Texas. The temperatures in Austin during summer goes above the 90s to lower 100s. Visting the many fantastic BBQ joints and local breweries in Austin can help you beat the heat.

Corpus Christi, Texas is a beach city, but also one of Texas’ warmest cities. The temperatures reach over 90 degrees with plenty of humidity from the Gulf of Mexico during summer. You can relax on the shores of Padre Island and watch sea turtles return to the gulf. You can also find here the Texas State Aquarium with its dolphins, fish, and other sea life. Here you can also find and aircraft carrier during World War II, the USS Lexington.

Another hot city is Bakersfield, California which is located northeast of LA in the Tulare Basin desert. Its average temperature is above 90 degrees in the months between June and September.

During summer, Houston humidity is very high with an average temperature of 95 degrees. If you endure the weather, then you can enjoy Texas’ most diverse city. They have great divers cuisine from Person to Mexican to Ethiopian.